Summer Camps & Intensives


Runs from 9 AM to 5 PM and is a combination of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, musical theatre, modern and crafts.  On each Friday we put on a small production of the dances we learn during the week.  Our dance camps are a lot of fun, very educational and have more one-on-one training than regular season classes. It is also a great chance to try different dance styles.


August 13-17 CDA competitive students come from 10:00 to 4:00 to participate in a number of technique strengthening dance activities. These students focus on dance technique, choreography, repertoire and stretch and strength. Guest artists will teach inventive choreography. This is for the serious focused dancer who wants to get ready for the 2018/2019 competitive season.


Costumes, Tights, Shoes, Hair and Accessories List

Below you can download the complete list for Costumes, Tights, Shoes, Hair and Accessories.   It is available in two formats.   A general PDF (17 pages), or an Excel file that you can delete the rows that do not apply to you.  We suggest that if you do this, save it as a new file so that you can  revert back to the original if required.

Costumes, Tights, Shoes, Hair and Accessories List - PDF

Costumes, Tights, Shoes, Hair and Accessories List - Excel

What to Wear to Dance Class - 2017-2018

Hair should be off the neck in a bun or short ponytail at all times.

BALLET:  Primary to advanced students in ballet must wear black tank or short sleeved body suits and pink tights.  Ballet shoes are pink and elastics must be sewn over the arch.  Students in Dance Intro can wear pink, black or purple body suits with pink tights and pink ballet shoes (skirt optional).

JAZZ:  Beginner students should purchase black ballet shoes for jazz. Junior, intermediate and senior students should have split sole jazz shoes and foot Undeez.   Any colour body suit, shorts, dance crop tops, and jazz pants are acceptable.  T-shirts will be removed after warm up so make sure you have a body suit or crop underneath.

TAP:  Beginner students can purchase all in one tap shoes that already have the taps on.  More advanced students should have black split sole slip on tap shoes.  The colour of your shoes may need to be died to match your costume.  Clothing in tap is similar to jazz however long pants over the ankles should not be worn.

ACRO:  Half sole jazz shoes (foot undeez) or bare feet are recommended for Acro.  Acro students must wear a body suit and tights, no t-shirts or sweats.  The teacher will be spotting the student while learning their tricks, if a student is not wearing proper dance clothes in acro she/he will be asked to sit out for the student’s own safety.

HIP HOP:  Clean indoor running shoes and loose clothing.  No PJs.

MUSICAL THEATRE: Jazz or hip hop clothing will be fine for this class with jazz or ballet shoes.

MODERN: Jazz clothing is fine for this class, no shoes are required. Modern is danced in bare feet.

SHOES CAN BE PURCHASED AT:  MIRENA’S DANCE WEAR 2219 Dunwin Drive: North on Southdown/Erin Mills, Left On Dundas, North on Dunwin. (905) 608-1800     
mention that you are from Can Dance Academy and you may receive discounts

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