Summer Camps & Intensives


Runs from 9 AM to 5 PM and is a combination of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, musical theatre, modern and crafts.  On each Friday we put on a small production of the dances we learn during the week.  Our dance camps are a lot of fun, very educational and have more one-on-one training than regular season classes. It is also a great chance to try different dance styles.


August 14-18 CDA competitive students come from 10:00 to 4:00 to participate in a number of technique strengthening dance activities. These students focus on dance technique, choreography, repertoire and stretch and strength. Guest artists will teach inventive choreography. This is for the serious focused dancer who wants to get ready for the 2017/2018 competitive season.


Summer Drop in Classes

Starting June 6, 2017     

Class cards are $96 plus HST for 8 classes that can be used for any classes by any family member.  (Please note this is already discounted and will not be part of preregistration discounts)

Tuesday Evenings (with Lori, Ashley or Christine)

4:30-5:00              Kinder Acro Toddler and parent or pre-school (ages 2-5)
5:00-5:30              Dance Intro pre-school (ages 3-6)
5:30-6:30              Ballet junior to teen (ages 7+)
6:30-7:30              Jazz/Hip Hop and Musical theatre choreography (ages 10+)
7:30-8:30              Acro(ages 7+)

Wednesday Evenings (with Ali)

5:00-6:00              Kids/teen Adagio Fitness
6:00-7:00              Adult Adagio Fitness
7:00-8:00              Adult jazz/hip hop

Thursday Evenings (With Jenn or Ali)

5:00-6:00              Kids Tap (ages 5-9)
6:00-7:00              Tap (ages 10+ and adult)
7:00-8:00              Irish (ages 9+  with experience)
8:00-9:00              Irish Beginner to adult (ages 10 to adult)

Dance Through the Years Recital Tickets

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