Can Dance Academy is proud to introduce Acrobatique Arts KinderAcro

KinderAcro is a fun introduction to the world of acro dance! Acro dance features steps like cartwheels, rolls, balances and more.  This class will begin with a warm-up designed to improve flexibility and strength. Dancers will then learn and practice different skills on the acro mats, eventually incorporating these skills into dance routines.

KinderAcro Toddler is a parent and tot class that introduces acro movement with toys and games.  These youngsters will have fun exploring their young bodies and minds while staying in the comfort of their parents.  This can also be a bit of a work out for the parent. 

KinderAcro Pre-school is an acro movement class that starts the foundation for a successful acro dancer with emphasize on fun and energized movement.  Students in this class will frog jump, gallop and cartwheel their way across the floor and enjoy fun energetic music.  Parents can enjoy a coffee and some reading in the lobby or run some quick errands.

*Kinder Acro does not participate in our year end recital

For more information call 905-823-7393.