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Class Descriptions

Dance Intro
A dance introduction class for young children 3-4 years old.  This class teaches children some disciplined actions of dance, interaction with other children through the use of music and rhythm.  Dance movements are based on ballet and jazz.

Traditional classical training to music without lyrics.  Ballet technique based on RAD with examinations with the CDTA.  Most of our routines for recital and competition will be to lyrical music.  Ballet is slower paced and suitable for any age.

Technical dance training to modern music (dance, house, rap, and classical jazz).  This is a fast paced class and is recommended for children over 5.  Students can take exams with CDTA.

Hip Hop
Dance movements to modern music (as seen in dance videos) with no technical bases.  This is stylistic and therefore suitable to older children and teens.

Jazz dancing with the use of tap shoes to make rhymes with the feet.  It is recommended that students have taken some dance before or are taking jazz or ballet as well.  Exams are available for older students.  Tap takes a lot of coordination and is suitable for students 6 and older.

Musical Theatre
This class uses drama exercises to increase performance ability.  Focus is on lip syncing, dancing, acting and singing.  Suitable for over age 7 as some reading of scripts is necessary.

A technical dance technique which uses body expressions and rhythms for performance.  A mature attitude is needed to understand fall and release or contractions of the body.  Suitable for ages 11 and over.

The combination of floor gymnastic movements and dance to music.  Suitable for children 5 years and older who have strong motor skills, strength and flexibility.

This is ballet technique up on the full point of toes rather than on the ball of foot, done in special shoes.  For students with at least 2 years of ballet experience and over 11 years of age.


This is a competitive choreography class where students learn musical theatre and/or contemporary routines.   This focus is on learning choreography, characterization and clarifying blocking and timing.

How to Register

Can Dance Academy does not charge a registration fee.

To Register online click the Register link on the class that you would like to enroll in.  A new window will open with our secure online registration system.  You can also select additional classes, and add additional children.  You must provide credit card information with your registration, but monthly payments will not start until September and continue until May.   Tuition is calculated annually and divided into nine monthly payments.  A costume deposit for each class that is in the recital will be added to your account on November 1st.  All prices are plus HST.

Recreational Dance

Can Dance Academy recreational classes focus on fun, choreography and technique in a relaxed atmosphere.  Weekly dance classes build self confidence, nurture creative ideas, and strengthen leadership skills.   Our recreational classes emphasize social interaction, cardio and memory as well as teaching musicality.  Dance lessons help with focus, attention span, posture and are also a great stress relief.  Our recreational classes are very important part of the Can Dance Academy family and participate in our exceptionally produced recital at the end of the season.

Recreational Age 1-4

Recreational Age 5-7

Recreational Age 8-11

Recreational Age 12-13

Recreational Age 14+

Competitive Dance & Company

Competitive classes are for those who live for dance and want that extra challenge.  The classes are still a focus on technique and choreography and perform in the year end recital but also attend three competitions in Ontario within driving distance and perform in our benefit performance in March.  Competition requirements for jazz are ballet but tap, musical theatre and acro can be joined without the ballet prerequisite.  Our competitive team’s goal is to improve with each performance, gain confidence and strengthen social interaction.  Our routines are age appropriately choreographed as well as costumed.  Competitive costumes prices are a similar price range as recreational costumes.  Each routine that competes pays approx $150 (last year’s fees) to attend the three competitions.  There are no extra studio competitive dance fees.

Company is for the dancer who competes in the competitive classes as well as joins the company production and the company routine class on Wednesday evenings.  Partial Company dancers must take ballet and jazz, elective and company classes.  Full Company members take two ballet classes, two jazz classes, elective and company classes.  Company students enjoy a flat rate for their dance fees for unlimited electives and technique classes.  Our company wins overalls and high scores but the focus is on teamwork, improvement and fun.  Our company members typically dance only 2-3 evenings to meet the minimum requirements to join.  Our company classes are age appropriate routines and costumes which are same price range as the recreational and recitial costumes.  Company performs at 3 competitions, recital and benefit.  Each Company routine that competes pays approx $150 (last year’s fees) to attend the three competitions.  There are no extra studio competitive dance fees.

Adult Programs