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Can Dance Academy has been teaching dancers in the Clarkson-Lorne Park area in Mississauga since 1993.  We are now celebrating our 27th year, we specialize in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Pointe, Hip Hop, Acro, Modern, Irish and Musical Theatre. We also teach Pilates, Jazz Funk and Tap to adults.

Can Dance Academy’s philosophy is that every dancer should lead a balanced life.  Dance is only a portion of their needs and wants and should leave room for other hobbies and school.  Our competitive program runs for students who dance once a week or more.  Each and every child and dancer is special as well as learning at their own level.  Competition is a pleasure and an opportunity to get better.  It should never be at the expense of a balanced life.  To this end Can Dance Academy has received numerous awards for giving the most students the opportunity to compete.

Our annual recitals at Meadowvale Theatre are raved about and are hailed as amazing.  They always include set, props, professional lighting design and video.  We have three levels of dance; recreational, competitive and company team.  Our competitive and company team perform in our annual charity fundraiser as well as three Ontario competitions per season.

Our staff consists of highly trained teachers and professional dancers.  Our studios have specialized dance flooring, permanent and portable ballet barres, wall to wall mirrors and professional sound systems.  We are located within walking distance of five schools.

Our focus is on learning and loving dance in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Ms Lori, Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the past 14 years. You don’t know how much Can Dance has meant to me and so thank you! I’ll be dropping by to visit all the time.”
— Jenny



Lori Hall Brown - Artistic Director

Lori had been dancing, teaching and choreographing for thirteen years before starting Can Dance Academy twenty-five years ago.  As well as producing and directing the recital each year she teaches classes in ballet, jazz, modern, acro and musical theatre.  She has trained in R.A.D., I.S.T.D. and C.D.T.A and is a graduate of Ryerson Theatre School.   

Lori has won many choreography and performance awards in both competitions and community theatre and has adjudicated at competitions.

This summer Lori updated her skills by training levels Junior 1-3 and Intermediate 1-3 as well as Kinder Acro with Acrobatique Arts. 


Alexandra Keller – Adagio Performance Training, Ballet, Jazz, Tap

Miss Ali is a BFA Graduate from Ryerson University's Performance Dance Program, Certified Personal Training Specialist with CanFit Pro and a distinguished teacher and performer. Ali has been dancing for 20+ years in multiple genres, has performed in a number of professional performances in Toronto and spent three seasons dancing for the Toronto Blue Jays. Ali has been featured in commercials for Sportsnet and most notably performed for two Christmas’ at Toronto’s BIA Illuminite Festival, at the Nadia Potts Life Time Achievement Gala and for the David Foster Miracle Gala. Ali has also performed for and worked with numerous choreographers such as Julie Tomaino, Kenny Pearl, Vicky St. Denys, Karen Duplisea, Hannah Kiel, Louis Laberge Coté, Roberto Campanella, Robert Glumbeck and Blake McGrath. Most recently, Ali began her own business, Adagio Performance Training. APTTM is a specialized company creating strength in dancers through sport specific cross training. Ali looks forward to sharing her passion and expertise for fitness and dance with all of the dancers at Can Dance Academy.


Milica Mrkonjic  - Acro, Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz

Milica started dancing at the age of 5 in which she trained in many genres such as ballet, jazz, tap, hiphop, lyrical and modern. She graduated from the University of Toronto (Honours Bachelor of Arts) and attended the regional dance program at Cawthra Park S.S. In 2003, Milica was a part of the Nutcracker and performed for the University of North Bay's hockey team home opener in 2010. Milica has taught dance and acro for the past 4 years throughout the school year as well as summer camps. Milica is excited and thrilled to start at Can Dance Academy in hopes to share her passion of dance with many aspiring dancers.  

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Kirsten LeGrand - Hip Hop

Kirsten has been trained in hiphop, musical theatre, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap and ballet. Kirsten recently  graduated with honours from the Humber Comedy: Writing and Performance program. Kirsten also graduated with honours from Sheridan College's Performing Arts Preparation program where she was trained by some of the best people in the industry. At Sheridan College Kirsten co-directed, choreographed, co-created and performed in her sketch show "Sketches Against Humanity". Kirsten has been dancing since she was seven and participated in many competitions that included group numbers, solos and duets. Kristen's main talents and passions are hiphop, musical theatre and working with others. Kirsten is excited to share her passion of dance and to be apart of the Can Dance Academy family!  


Stephanie Truman - Acro, Ballet, Jazz

Stephanie began dancing at age six and has since studied many styles, including ballet, jazz, modern, acro, pointe, lyrical, and musical theatre. Stephanie graduated Cum Laude from the dance program at York University in 2014 and now holds a BFA with Honours. During her training, Stephanie achieved great success in dance competitions, including becoming the World Champion in the Ballet Duo category with her sister in 2007 and 2009. Her love of teaching has inspired her to become a Student Teacher in Training with the Society of Russian Ballet and work towards Associate status. She is also a Module One certified Acrobatic Arts instructor. Stephanie danced for Emmy award-winning choreographer Debra Brown in Panamania, the cultural festival accompanying the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Para-Pan Am Games. Stephanie is thrilled to be teaching acro at Can Dance Academy. 

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Amanda Leonetti - Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet

Amanda discovered her passion for dance at age 3 and spent 12 years training on the competitive team at Premiere Dance Inc. Amanda is trained till Advanced two in Cecchetti ballet, as well as pointe, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, acro, and tap. Amanda has competed in countless competitions across Canada and the United States. She has achieved a numerous number of awards including overalls, special awards, scholarships, and titles such as “Regional Soloists” in her age division. Amanda continued dancing at Queens University for charity and dove into teaching after transferring to the University of Toronto to pursuit a Bachelor of Health Science degree and research. Amanda began teaching at age 16 and quickly fell in love with helping students find their own passions for dance. She spends her time training competitive and recreational students in addition to choreographing group routines, solos, duets/trios, and small groups. Teaching for Amanda has become about the students, and she strives to make interpersonal connections with each and every one of them. Her goal is to help fellow dancers develop their technique and individual dance styles. In addition, she strives to pass on qualities such as determination and focus to not only help her students become stronger dancers, but to allow them to grow as people. 

Ciaran Plummer - Irish

Ciaran Plummer was born in Toronto, Canada. He started Irish dancing at an early age in his father's dance school. His competitive success started with winning several regional and nation Championships. Ciaran went on to win the Great Britain's, British National's, All Ireland's, and won 2 consecutive World Championship title's. Shortly after high school Ciaran joined Lord of the Dance. He has toured all over the world performing a lead role. In 2012 Ciaran co-founded the dance company TapTronic. 

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Allie Romanick

Allie began dancing at the age of 2 starting with ballet class. At age 4, she had joined a competitive team and extended her training to include jazz, acro, lyrical/contemporary, tap, hip hop, musical theatre, and pointe. Allie has had the opportunity to attend many competitions throughout North America. She is an award-winning dancer receiving numerous overalls, dance scholarships and special awards. Allie has completed RAD ballet exams from Primary to Grade 5 and Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2 and continues her ballet training with certified professionals. Allie has been an assistant instructor in both competitive & recreational classes since 2011 and in September 2014 she became a certified instructor. She is an Associate Member of the BATD in Stage (Jazz & Tap) and Acrobatics/Gymnastics. She is currently training for her certification with Progressing Ballet Technique. Allie dances with two companies in Toronto and is always looking to learn new techniques to share with her students. She is excited to share her passion for dance with students at Can Dance Academy. 


Carrie-Lyn Taylor - Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre

Carrie-Lyn Taylor has been training and performing for 16 years. She has worked with various choreographers and teaching styles from her days at McCathy School of Dance as well has completing all of her ballet exams with nothing lower than highly commended. Her love of inspiring and teaching students took off 5 years ago when she was offered a position to choreograph musicals for the Connect Theatre program in Dundas. As well as gaining experience at her studio teaching, Miss Carrie has worked with many different age groups and varieties of dances skill from the many opportunities she has worked for. Her love of working with children speaks louder than words and she cannot wait to become apart of the CDA family.


Erin Benoit - Vocal Coach

Performing since the age of 6, Erin began her musical journey with live musical theatre. Performing with a variety of theatre companies including, Drury Lane Theatrical Productions (Burlington Light Opera Society), Hamilton Theatre Inc and Theatre Aquarius for next eight years. There she was provided with a rich education in classical vocal technique, choreography and performance coaching. She took it to the next level by expanding into studio recording, voice overs, tribute acts and live band performances spanning a wide diversity of musical styles over the next 30 years.

Erin takes inspiration from an irreplaceable wealth of experience. Passionate about unlocking vocal potential by applying practical and reliable techniques, she approaches coaching with honesty and realistic goals to help develop and take care of your voice.

In addition to Erin’s voice experience, five years of providing home day care and after school care, while raising three of her own children, fostered a love for working with children and early childhood development. Bringing this together with her passion for music as a Kindermusik educator was an easy transition. Erin deeply believes that enriching a child’s life with music as they learn and grow is very important and a truly rewarding experience.


Cristine Sousa - Guest Teacher

Cristine shares her passion for dance with over 25 years of experience. Having danced competitively since the age of 12, she has been trained in various styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, hiphop, lyrical, musical theatre, acro and barre. Cristine has been involved in producing, directing and performing in shows during her Bachelor Studies at the University of Ottawa, where she graduated with an Honours of Businesses. Her work there, as a Creative Director for a non-for profit organization called CASCO, consisted of teaching dance to over 40 students and professors for a fundraising gala donating over $30,000 to the children's hospital in Ottawa. In 2016, Cristine graduated from a Masters of International Business CEMS MIM program, studying in Portugal and The Netherlands, participating in various dance activities, teaching swing dancing and participating in jazz, pole, and hip hop classes. Cristine has been instructing for over 11 years teaching jazz, ballet, parents and tots, creative movement, cheerleading, musical theatre, barre and special dance classes to those with learning disabilities. Having been a part of the Can Dance family at a young age, Cristine is excited to return with her positive energy, open mindset, technical talent, and passion for dance!


Kim Woolridge - Pilates 

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Kim is certified in Pilates and Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT )® through an intensive program at Second Wind Pilates Plus® in Port Credit.  The President of Second Wind is the creator of IMT® which is a combination of her many years of training and knowledge as a dancer, choreographer, movement specialist, yoga and pilates professional.  Kim discovered this work about 12 years ago when dealing with chronic pain and limitations due to a car accident.  This work focuses on the core which in turn strengthens the back, as well as connecting body and mind to work in harmony and help you function in your day to day life, enjoy whatever activities you are involved in and prevent injury.  Kim has also attended numerous workshops on various pieces of equipment, walking and fascia.  Through imagery and movement this work transported Kim back to her childhood dance classes.  So she is thrilled to be back in that environment at Can Dance.

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Joan Koszo - Pilates

Joan is STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in Matwork, and Injury and Special Populations.  Always looking to expand her teaching experience, she has taken courses and workshops focusing on utilizing various props such as the mini-ball, flex band, foam roller, stability ball and stability cushion.  Joan is also an instructor in 3-D Workout™ trained by Dianne Woodruff.  Dr. Woodruff has been teaching for 35 years, holds a doctorate in Somatic Education and is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA)   She says:  “If you are a personal trainer, fitness leader, a Pilates or yoga instructor, you will benefit by expanding your understanding of dimensionality — the use of space around the body.  By loading the body in three-dimensions, 3-D Workout clients enjoy becoming functionally stronger and injury free.”  Joan was first introduced to Dianne where she received myofascial pain treatment for continued back pain.  Joan then took a number of courses in the myofascial area taught by Dr. Woodruff.
Joan has also taken a course in “Movement on the Ball” taught by a CMA colleague of Dianne, Mari Namovski.

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